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Our team's long-cherished dream came true when our boat called Bird anchored in the center of Budapest.

With many years of experience as an event organizer, our primary goal is to fulfill all the wishes of our guests, and to create events which give our guests unforgettable memories.

We believe that quality services will find their audience, and our guests deserve the best, whether they are at weddings, business meetings, family or friendly events.

We work with dedicated, professional staff to ensure that you always get the highest quality.
Our exclusive event venue awaits with unique offers everyone who knows that only their imagination can limit their desires.

Isabella Bird


When we decided to open our event boat, we faced many questions and doubts. However, we have always been certain that we want to give the boat a name that reflects our attitude to life, our thirst for adventure, and our belief that it is worthwhile to work for good goals.

We believe that Isabella Bird’s life could be an example for many of us, so we chose her name for our boat to pay tribute to this exploratory, free-spirited, uncompromising woman.

Isabella Lucy Bird

(31 October, 1831 - 7 October, 1904)

Born in Yorkshire, but due to the weak health condition of his father, Reverend Edward Bird, the family had to move several times. Isabella stood out from the other kids at a young age. She was only 6 when she confronted the local MP, asking him, "Did you tell my dad how pretty my sister was because you want to get his vote?”

However, not only the young Isabella rebelled against social conventions, her father also had advanced views. He spoke out against Sunday work, so the family had to move again.
Isabella's health was fragile from an early age. Spinal injuries, migraines and sleep disorders have plagued her, and the doctor suggested to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. So she learned to ride and row from an early age. She was introduced to botany and nature by her father and taught at home by her mother.

Her brilliant mind and extreme curiosity made it difficult for her to meet the strict social demands of her time.

She published her first work at the age of 16, and subsequently published in various magazines.
At the age of 19, a tumor was removed from her spine, but she continued to suffer from unspecified ailments resulting in lassitude and insomnia. Doctors urged a sea voyage and in 1854 Bird's life of travelling began when the opportunity arose for her to sail to the United States accompanying her second cousins to their family home.

Based on the letters sent to her family during the trip, she wrote her first book, "An Englishwoman in America.”

Isabella Bird left England again in 1972 and traveled to Australia, but she didn’t like the continent, so she moved on to Hawaii. The island instantly stole her heart and became the subject of her second book.
After spending some time on the island, she traveled to Colorado.

Riding not sidesaddle but frontwards like a man, she covered over 800 miles in the Rocky Mountains. These adventures comprised Bird's fourth and perhaps most famous book, A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains.

Bird's time in the Rockies was enlivened especially by her acquaintance with Jim Nugent, "Rocky Mountain Jim", a textbook outlaw with one eye and an affinity for violence and poetry. "A man any woman might love but no sane woman would marry”. Nugent also seemed captivated by the independent-minded Bird, but she ultimately left the Rockies and her "dear desperado". Nugent was shot dead less than a year later.

Returning to England, Isabella's attention soon turned to the Far East.

In 1878, she traveled to Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

She married a much younger Edinburgh surgeon, Dr. John Bishop, in 1880, the same year she was awarded the Royal Order of Kapiolani by King Kalākaua of Hawaii.
Following the death of her husband in 1886, she decided to study medicine and travel to India as a missionary at the age of nearly 60.

In 1889, she visited missions in India and reached Lakdah, near the Tibetan border, then traveled to Persia, Kurdistan and Turkey.

In India, the Maharajah of Kashmir gave her a piece of land on which she built the John Bishop Hospital in memory of her husband. She then joined a group of British soldiers travelling between Baghdad and Tehran. Later she travelled through Baluchistan to Persia and Armenia, exploring the source of the Karun river.

Featured in journals and magazines for decades, Bird was by now something of a household name. In 1890, she became the first woman to be awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. She was also elected to membership of the Royal Photographic Society.

Her final great journey took place in 1897, when she travelled up the Yangtze and Han rivers in China and Korea, respectively. Later still, she went to Morocco, where she travelled among the Berbers. A few months after returning from Morocco, Bird fell ill and died at her home.

Several books were written about her adventurous life, and in 2018 a Japanese-English bilingual manga comic book was published, entitled "Isabella Bird in Wonderland”.

Event venue


The special atmosphere and exclusive appearance of Bird event boat provide the perfect backdrop either for events up to two hundred people, or for more intimate family happenings.

Bohemian Chic hall

Banquet style:

80-90 people


Theatre style:

100 people


visual and sound technics

Beau Noveau hall

Banquet style:

80-90 people


Theatre style:

100 people


visual and sound technics

Le Petit Salon Cocktail bar


30-35 people


visual and sound technics




What could be a more lasting memory than a wedding reception on a boat rocking on the Danube while admiring the lights of Budapest…

Our event boat awaits couples with full service so that they do not have to pay attention to anything else just to each other on the big day.

We organize your dream wedding in a unique environment in downtown Budapest.

Wedding packages

  • Ceremony and wedding reception for 200 people
  • Wedding reception for 200 people
  • Wedding reception for 100 people
  • Wedding reception for less than 100 people

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of unique inquiries. We’ll gladly arrange your dream wedding according to your ideas.

Corporate events

In case of corporate events, the organizers often have problems to find a cozy, special, but still large place for the guests.

We listen to all individual needs and our team ensures that everyone will have a great time and the company staff will spend an unforgettable evening together.

Event packages

  • Standing reception for 150-200 people/li>
  • Seated dinner for 50-100 people
  • Venue hire

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of unique inquiries. We’ll gladly arrange your corporate event according to your ideas.

Private events

Whether it's a hen or stag party, a family get-together or a friendly celebration, our team will be happy to deliver you the event you imagined. The halls of Bird event boat can be hired separately as well, so we can organize smaller events according to guests' wishes.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of unique inquiries. We’ll gladly arrange your event according to your ideas.

Special offers

If you have truly unique wishes, you want to organize a never-seen event, our team is looking forward to helping you realize your dream!

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of unique inquiries.

Bird programs


exhibitions - concerts - literary evenings - wine tastings - gastro-shows

Bird event boat redefines the concept of Budapest event venues. With its cultural offer and high quality programs Bird is not only one of the event venues anchored on the Danube, but it is also a cultural center. We implement our projects in collaboration with galleries, contemporary festivals and cultural institutions, which provide unique experiences thanks to our unusual location.

The permanent programs of the event boat include fine art exhibitions, literary evenings, chamber concerts and jazz evenings, as well as special gastro-shows and wine tastings.



Bird offers exclusive rooms for unforgettable nights on the Danube. Our rooms can be booked individually or as part of a package for special occasions and weddings.

Contact us for our special offers.




Bird event boat


Address: Lower Pest Quay, Dráva Street (13th district), Budapest, Hungary